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YELLOW ZEBU started as a means to help the local farmers of Madagascar during a financial crisis. The Zebu, a national heritage symbol & essential to the life of the people of Madagascar, became endangered. Our founder was inspired to create t-shirts with the head of the Zebu as a fundraiser for the struggling farmers of Madagascar. As the t-shirts rolled in, the demand for them grew beyond our expectations.

And then inspiration struck – why not form a larger design-led fashion house rooted in our Malagasy culture, informed by the latest trends? After creating a few samples that combined romantic, classic, and contemporary details – the response was overwhelming leading to the official launch of our brand.


YELLOW ZEBU is a company driven by passion. We have found our symbol in the ZEBU that happens to be a symbol of royalty in Madagascar. For us, this sacred animal represents strength and magnificence.

What started as charity work for the farmers in Madagascar, today has developed into a major clothing brand.

The visionary of YELLOW ZEBU, the founder has been to places like Hong Kong, China, Korea, and more. As of now, she shuttles between the USA and Paris. She is a philanthropist and an avid traveler. This has subjected her to meet new people and be acquainted with different cultures.

The fact that she comes from Madagascar makes it more coherent. This means, she knows the land in and out. She knows what are the problems people have to fight in order to survive out there. This is the sole reason why she took up this cause.

She wants to put an end to the cattle/Zebu theft in her homeland and that explains the name. To be honest, her benevolent work all the more reckons a new context to this brand.

Furthermore, this has given meaning to her life and lent it a different approach. She is more focused on the quality of things, over quantity.  As a result of which, YELLOW ZEBU still contributes to charitable institutions in Madagascar (Association Soa Tiry), as she thinks it is our responsibility to help the community back.

The founder has made it her priority to use only organic products for her collection. This is why she has traveled a lot to find the perfect manufacturer for her line that treats well its employees.

She is passionate about procuring classy products and wants the world to know how doing so can make a difference. On that account, she came up with the idea of YELLOW ZEBU that brings you the trendiest of apparel. We bring you the best of sportswear casual wear and streetwear. Far and wide, our fashion house appraises quality, comfort, and fashion as the fundamental requirement for shopping.

We verily believe that your clothes are a significant part of your personality. Therefore, they must convey a bit of power and impressiveness that add to your charisma. Hence, we offer you distinguished wardrobe choices that are designed by keeping up with the latest style. Just give them a shot!

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