Yellow Zebu


YELLOW ZEBU isn’t just a company but a combination of vision, passion, and care. The company came into existence with the idea of bringing a change in the fashion travel industries. The brand logo “YELLOW ZEBU” represents wisdom, power, royalty, and high quality in Madagascar culture. Coming back from Madagascar, the founder chooses to support the poor souls by working with charity organizations.

YELLOW ZEBU’s story starts with Viviane who was a travel enthusiast and used to travel to various parts of the world, specifically Hong Kong, China, Korea, and other countries. By exploring different cultures, socializing with diverse mindsets, travelling in various parts of the world, she adopted and learned other fashion aspects.Her incredible passion for music and fashion enables her to launch her own brand of clothing. Viviane always observed a gap between the culture and the inconsistent fashion brand in various parts of the world. She always wanted to get an outfit that not only resonates with the casual looks but gives a royal feeling while not compromising on quality.

But often, the outfits lack in giving comfort, unique looks, or even the casual appeal that is an essential requirement for every traveler. Therefore, being passionate about fashion outfits, she planned to launch her own chic streetwear brand, “Yellow ZEBU,” which resembles royalty, wisdom, and quality in one place.

She pursues her idea of making a worldwide brand that gives consistency in comfort, with irresistible quality that speaks throughout the world. Focusing on the travel enthusiast & extroverts’ mindsets, she connects with the finest quality manufacturers to produce classic, timeless products. With a belief of preferring quality to quantity in every matter, YELLOW ZEBU matches the finish quality touch equal to top brands.