Yellow Zebu

“Female Streetwear Designers Are on The Rise in 2021”

“The first impression is the last impression,” a very famous quote, and outfits are the best way to get that. Women are especially conscious of it as compared to men. But many of them are still not getting the right streetwear designer according to their size and shape. For those, we bring the best female streetwear designers are on the rise of 2021, who can design clothes according to your height and body[…]

Brand Story-YellowZebu

YELLOW ZEBU’s story starts with Viviane who was a travel enthusiast and used to travel to various parts of the world, specifically Hong Kong, China, Korea, and other countries. By exploring different cultures, socializing with diverse mindsets, travelling in various parts of the world, she adopted and learned other fashion aspects.Her incredible passion for music and fashion enables her to launch her own brand of clothing. Viviane always observed a gap between the culture and the inconsistent fashion brand in various parts of the world. She always wanted to get an outfit that not only resonates with the casual looks but gives a royal feeling while not compromising on quality […]